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On Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 12PM EST, Lagoa held it’s first online webinar! The webinar was hosted by Product Manager Jason Brynford-Jones, VP Sales & Marketing Chris Williams, CEO & Founder Thiago Costa and CSO & Founder Arno Zinke. The webinar covers a variety of topics from navigating the application to creating soft shadows with sphere light (full list down below) and finishes off with a Q&A session.

Check out the video here:

Topics Covered:

  • Adding assets to the scene using the Project Panel and Quick Assets
  • Using the interactive manipulators
  • Adding materials, including measured materials like BTF.
  • Controlling objects shadow contribution
  • Blending materials
  • Dome lighting
  • Creating soft shadows with sphere lights
  • How to use any object as a light source
  • Changing materials UV scale
  • Using UV projections
  • Adding bump maps
  • Lagoa layout, including schematic and collaborators panel
  • Rendering interiors
  • Background rendering
  • Collaboration
  • Depth of Field
  • Sun and Sky lighting
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