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A name can mean many things to many people, and when it comes to naming your baby, your love – the thing that you place your hopes for the future on; well, it’s no easy task. It requires deep introspection and forward thinking; you want to communicate in a word or a few words a richness of meaning, both personally and professionally, that will come to symbolize you, your ambitions, your past, present, and your future. Thiago Costa is a Brazilian-born technology entrepreneur and programmer. Prior to starting Lagoa, he created Lagoa Multiphysics – a multiphysics simulator that was eventually sold to Autodesk. For three years he worked on the project, something that he started as a challenge; he wanted to create a program that could simulate lakes using particle physics.

Fluidic simulations are hard – very hard. For the laymen amongst us, fluidic simulations are attempting to describe a natural phenomenon that, at the very base level, is what happens when you have billions of tiny particles jostling against each other in chaotic motion. When a simulation engineer writes the code for what happens when you pour a cup of water down the drain, they are literally taking nature and breaking it down into force equals mass times acceleration.

Sounds tough, right? Now let’s simulate an entire body of water – the size of a small lake. The principles are the same, but now you have a multitude of other issues to contend with; uneven sea floors, large-scale wave propagation, the effect of particulate matter on a liquid’s cohesion…it’s a difficult challenge. Thus the name Lagoa Multiphysics; starting from one of the most difficult challenges, simulating a large body of water like a lake, Thiago created a powerful physics engine that was able to simulate the interaction of multiple materials with each other. car_large Thus it was from these experiences and skills, that Thiago and others (Arno Zinke, and Dov Amihod – the full team list is available here) created Lagoa – a physics-based rendering solution (we like to refer to it as “a physics engine for light”) that takes it’s name from Thiago’s past work and his homeland – the neighborhood he lived in in Brazil was also named “Lagoa” – Portuguese for “small lake”. Thus, our company was born. Naming your project, whatever it may be, can be daunting. Think about it carefully, and pull upon your past experiences – find something that truly resonates with yourself, your vision, and your abilities. What’s in a name? Only what you put into it.

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