July 8, 2014 • by Jordan PelovitzNews, Cloud
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Thisinteresting article from Wired (link) purports that, by using “Containers”, cloud computing can more efficiently utilize computational resources, meaning less computers and more power in large data centers. While it doesn’t go into too much depth on exactly how cloud computing will do it, other than a hand wave in the direction of increased efficiency, it’s nevertheless an interesting read about how “containers”, a new system that allows more efficient resource management and program migration, will affect cloud computing today and into the future.

The juicy bit regarding how cloud computing will be better for the environment;

“Citing multiple studies on power used by cars and data centers, Rosen estimates that, with so much of our software running on cloud services and other operations that use virtual machines, we have a better chance of saving the planet if we just embrace containers. “They’re an order of magnitude more efficient,” says Rosen, whose company, Pantheon, has long used containers to run its online service, a kind of website publishing platform. “I think you can say–with an absolute straight face–that the containerization of software applications in the age of the cloud will save more CO2 emissions than electric cars.””

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