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Kinematic Assemblies

Kinematic AssembliesBETA
Assemble sophisticated multi-part designs with greater speed, precision, and ease.

With Lagoa’s powerful and fully collaborative kinematic assembly feature, you can engineer, visualize, and optimize an entire mechanical system of moving parts and components. Using industry-standard operations, you can precisely define interactive relationships between parts, organize and efficiently manage complex assemblies no matter the size, and study the motion of moving mechanisms to ensure design integrity. Fully collaborative, Lagoa let’s your team achieve optimized designs faster.

Powerful Tools
Fit and align moving components and parts perfectly using
Lagoa’s enhanced constraint operations.

Coincident Constraint

Constrain two straight edges, or planar faces to be coincident.

Concentric Constraint

Constrain two round parts (cylinders and arcs) to share the same centre axis.

Fixed Constraint

Lock selected parts to a fixed position and orientation in your scene.

Relative Lock

Constrain the position and orientation of selected parts in relation to each other.

Tangent Constraint

Constrain a rounded surface to a flat surface in tangent with one another.

Distance Offset

Constrain two parts by defining a fixed distance between two faces.

Angle Offset

Constrain two parts by defining the angle between two of its faces.

Min &#38 Max Distance

Define the minimum or maximum distance of movement between two parts.

Angle Limit

Limit the range of movement in degrees between the faces of two parts.