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A proprietary, path-tracing render engine, physically-based measured materials and advanced lighting and texturing give you the power to create exactly the images you want. Lightning fast iterations, real-time editing and background parallel rendering lets you create them faster.


Lagoa MultiOptics™ Renderer

Unique to Lagoa is MultiOptics, the world’s first photorealistic interactive 3D renderer for the cloud. Astonishingly fast, the MultiOptics renderer was built to take advantage of the power of cloud computing. It is an advanced path tracer, easily handling the most complex scenes even with global illumination, sub surface scattering and volumetrics. We model every scene using real world materials, lights and cameras, so whether you render leather, plastics, hair, gems, cars, metals, Lagoa MultiOptics will deliver interactive photorealistic renders…every time!


Real World Lighting

One of the keys to a great render is having great lighting. Lighting in Lagoa is so simple to setup, and so easy to get photoreal results.  Choose from using HDR or EXR environments, or any type of geometry as a light source, a physical Sun & Sky, anisotropic dome or good old sphere light.  All of these produce real-world soft shadows in a few seconds.  In most cases the default environment will produce amazingly realistic renders.


Physically Accurate Cameras

Accuracy in Lagoa extends to the scene cameras. You can specify the film width and height, and match backplate framing directly in your render.  Interactively pick the focal plane and add depth of field in one click, including the effect of camera aperture blades. Add custom watermarks  (new) to your camera and composite it directly onto your renders, permalinks and even embeds. Lagoa cameras allow  you to overscan without reframing your camera as well as set an unlimited resolution for your render.


Measured Materials

Simple to use real-world materials to get the look you want every time.  Choose from an extensive library including, Paints, Metals, Plastics, Cloth, Ceramics and Fast Volumetrics like solid glass – or make infinite variations with dedicated blending modifiers. Our proprietary Multi-Optics® rendering engine uses materials found in the real-world, which naturally change depending on lighting and viewing angle.  We can describe these multi-optic properties in a single material, making for fast, realistic renders.


Background Rendering

Fire off background renders to continue rendering in the background while working on a scene. Make several variations at the same time and walk away! Just set the time limit and hit go.

Lagoa 3D rendering in the cloud with collarboration

Scene States

Create infinite variations in just one scene.  No longer do you have to save a scene for each major modification. Scene states can store multiple camera setups, you can compare material and lighting variations in one click, create an exploded view in the same scene as your final beauty render. Collaborate in real-time and show off all your design choices in one place.


CAD Assembly File Support

Lagoa now supports over 40 popular CAD formats including assembly and part files, making is easier and faster to render your models.  In addition, the original hierarchy is preserved and displayed in our new scene explorer.  See click here to see all the formats we support.

Lagoa - Material blending


You don’t need to limit yourself to using single images for your textures, bump maps or reflection maps.  You can create an infinite number of combinations by blending and compositing textures and materials inside Lagoa.  You can edit each mesh’s transform properties or add new UVs with primitive projections.  You can also add decals and labels with an all-on-one label material.


Scene and Render Embed

Show off your scenes to anyone and everyone – and let them render your creations.  Every scene in Lagoa can be sent as a simple permalink or embedded in another web page and each come with dedicated controls to interact with the scene.  It is as simple as copying a URL.


Interactive Tools

Rectangle select, lasso or pick your selection, then place, rotate and scale objects and lights in your scene with a fast interactive toolset.  Access them from the main toolbar or use hotkeys.  No matter what tool is activated, you can always mouse over an object in the viewport or explorer to highlight the object and single click to select, making for a fast and intuitive workflow.

Lagoa - View

Customizable Workflow

Simple scene management and editing. Multi-view layouts with optional isometric or perspective cameras.  Toggle panel visibility.  Create selection groups for easy material assignment.  Export your customized objects, materials and textures to other projects in Lagoa for easy re-use.  Edit the scene and connections using a full node-graph schematic view.

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