July 8
“Cloud Computing Could Do More to Save the Planet Than Electric Cars” – By Cade Metz

Thisinteresting article from Wired (link) purports that, by using “Containers”, cloud computing can more efficiently utilize computational resources, meaning less computers and more power in large data centers. While it doesn’t go into too much depth on exactly how cloud computing

June 24
What’s in a name?

A name can mean many things to many people, and when it comes to naming your baby, your love – the thing that you place your hopes for the future on; well, it’s no easy task. It requires deep introspection and forward thinking; you want to communicate in a word or a few words a richness of meaning, both personally and professionally, that will come to symbolize you, your ambitions, your past, present, and your future.

June 4
Graphic Speak Comments on the Assemblies Engine

“But here’s the part we really like. …These tools put individual designers in touch with their peers all over the world. They’re strengthening the individual by linking that person sitting behind a computer directly with other people who are working

April 1
Ray tracing vs Path tracing, in plain English

One of the questions we often get here at Lagoa is what type of render engine we are using; a path tracer or a ray tracer? The answer is that we are a path tracer.

January 31
Lagoa Takes on Smithsonian 3D Scans

You may have heard that the Smithsonian Museum made headlines in November by making 3D models of their artifacts public for viewing and download.

January 29
DEVELOP3D | Review: render solution

The process of rendering a photorealistic image or animation of a current product iteration is something, most of us are familiar with.

January 27
Tips for Faster Rendering

Rendering is never fast enough – we always want better images faster, and it can seem that no matter what, the better the image, the longer it will take.

January 24
Desktop Engineering | A Quick Look at Lagoa’s Cloud-Hosted Rendering

“There are quite a few CAD-friendly rendering packages in the market: Luxion KeyShot, Bunkspeed SHOT, The Foundry’s MODO (a Luxology product before The Foundary-Luxology merger), to name but three. Because rendering is a compute-intense process, rendering programs usually require a robust workstation powered by

January 24
Fast Company | Computational Fashion Design And How Will It Make Us All Look Awesome

Francis Bitoni, the mind behind Dita Von Teese’s curve-hugging 3-D-printed dress, recently teamed up with Lagoa and MakerBot to host a 10-day workshop on the emerging field of 3-D garment design.

January 15
Animation Magazine | February 2014 Tech Reviews

This web-based 3D system with a progressive, physically-based render engine in the Cloud is ideal for product development and prototyping due to its physical shaders, and the ability to scan real materials and derive shaders from them.