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MultiOptics Rendering
Photoreal 3D Visualization
Lagoa features incredible interactive 3D visualization and photorealistic rendering capabilities that you can leverage throughout your product’s life cycle. Create vivid true-to-life 3D prototypes, accelerate iteration and reviews, produce stunning, high-quality, photoreal images or configure 3D photoreal interactive experiences for your audience. Fast, powerful, and versatile, Lagoa’s 3D visualization and rendering tools are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Lagoa MultiOptics™ Renderer
Lagoa features MultiOptics, the world’s first photorealistic interactive 3D renderer on the cloud. Engineered to take full advantage of cloud power, the MultiOptics render engine delivers unprecedented speed and performance. It is an advanced path tracer, easily handling the most complex scenes even with global illumination, sub-surface scattering and volumetrics. Every scene uses real world materials, lights and cameras, ensuring incredible photorealistic accuracy. And with easy-to-use tools, anyone can create incredible results on any device.

Real World Lighting
One of the keys to a great render is having great lighting. Lighting in Lagoa is so simple to set up, and incredibly easy to get majestic results. Choose from using HDR or EXR environments, a physical sun & sky set-up, any type of geometry as a light source, an anisotropic dome or sphere lights. All of these produce real-world soft shadows and nuance in seconds. In most cases the default environment will create extraordinatry lighting automatically.

Measured Materials
Simple to use real-world materials to get the look you want every time. Choose from an extensive library including, paints, metals, plastics, cloth, ceramics and fast volumetrics like solid glass – or make infinite variations with dedicated blending modifiers. Our proprietary Multi-Optics® rendering engine uses materials found in the real-world, which naturally change depending on lighting and viewing angle. We can describe these Multi-optic properties in a single material, making for incredible true-to-life 3D.

Volumetric Materials
Represent translucent effects with subsurface scattering for complex materials such as plastics, ABS, jade, glass.

Hair Fibers
Effortlessly achieve photorealistic results with Lagoa’s optically accurate, measured hair shaders. You can use any material and render with full global illumination. Every hair is an actual fiber, so close ups are incredibly realistic.

Texturing and UVs
Lagoa features powerful texturing capabilities and easy-to-use tools. Achieve sensational effects with no limits on the size or number of the images that you can use for textures, bump maps or reflection maps. Create an infinite number of combinations by blending and compositing textures and materials. Edit each mesh’s transform properties or add new UVs with primitive projections. You can also add decals and labels with an all-on-one label material. With our integrated asset libraries, you also have access to countless free textures for your scene.

Concurrent Rendering

Lagoa is the ultimate creative studio. Fire off multiple render jobs and continue to work on your scenes. With our powerful export tools, you have granular controls over image quality or time of render, image resolution, and channels. Optimized for scalability, Lagoa enables professional quality output without limits on the size of your images or the number you can crank out. Blazing speed. Incredible quality. And, scalability when you need it.