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Technical Specifications
Lagoa v3.0

Easy-to-use and incredibly powerful, Lagoa is the most advanced 3D design, visualization, and publishing application operating entirely on the cloud.
• Any device with internet service. Minimum speed requirement: 2 Mbps
• Lagoa is optimized to run on Google Chrome. Other supported browsers: Firefox and Safari.
• WebGL. Test whether your browser has WebGl enabled.
3D Application
Interactive tools
Customizable layouts
Scene management tools (groups, scene states)
High quality viewport (Multioptics RT)
Interactive node-graph schematic view
Multi-user real-time scene editing
Input File
Compressed Files:
2D Images:
3D Models
.bmp .exr .hdr .jpeg .jpg .png
.3dm .3ds .arc .asm .catpart .catproduct .cgr .dae .dlv .exp .iam .ifc .iges .igs .ipt .jt .lwo .mfl
.model .neu .obj .off .par .pkg .ply .prc .prt .psm .pwd .sab .sat .session .sldasm .sldprt .step .stl
.stp .unv .vda .vrml .wrml .x_b .x_t .xas .xmt .xmt_txt .xpr

Lagoa’s MultiOpticsTM Renderer

Unique to Lagoa is MultiOptics, the world’s first photorealistic interactive 3D renderer for the cloud. Astonishingly fast, it is an advanced progressive path tracer, easily handling the most complex scenes even with global illumination, sub surface scattering and volumetrics. We model every scene using real world materials, lights and cameras, so whether you render leather, plastics, hair, gems, cars, metals, Lagoa MultiOptics will deliver interactive photorealistic renders that you can co-edit with your team in real-time.

Intuitive camera settings
Camera settings shortcuts
Frame selection and frame all
Multiple camera view options
Create camera presets
Focal Plane
Depth of field
Bokeh effect
Diaphragm aperture (f-stop)
Focal length
Zoom control
Focal distance
Match backplate framing
Film width and height, aspect ratio
Unlimited render resolution
Viewport Overscan
Physically-based sun and sky simulation
Set latitude and longitude for precision geo-location
Celestial body positioning simulation
Sunlight color and intensity controls
Sun diameter control
Turbidity settings
RGB ground color
Dome, Half Dome, and Isotropic Dome Lights
Image based lighting support
Light color and intensity controls
IBL angle controls
HDR and EXR input
Importance sampling
Image warping
Background/backplate mapping
Sphere Lights

Localized, high-intensity lights Light color and intensity controls Customize radius size

Mesh Emitters

Turn any 3D object into an illuminator Light color and intensity controls Transform like any 3D object

Shadow Catchers

Create shadows without making receiving geometries to be visible One click enabling of Shadow Catching

Lagoa’s MultiOptics™ Materials

Lagoa’s MultiOptics™ comes with a growing collection of predefined materials (or shaders) suitable for modeling many different kinds of real world materials, ranging from simple diffuse materials to complex subsurface scattering volumes, as well as measured cloth and car paint. For a comprehensive catalogue and properties guide, visit our user manual.

Lagoa supports .ase format from Max.
Edit hair mesh thickness
Add and subtract strand subdivisions
Control subsampling
No limit to hair numbers
Photoreal Hair Material

•Add any material to hair meshes or use Lagoa’s hair material for photoreal effects. Learn more.
•Add noise with bump map intensity controls
•Adjust noise frequency with uv controls
•Hair color presets and easy-to use custom colour workflows

Custom Measured Materials

Lagoa uses advanced Xrite scanning technology to measure real-life materials use within the rendering application. Although measuring custom materials is not included in Lagoa subscriptions, obtaining custom measured materials is available to all users. For more information on pricing and requirements please email us at

Powerful and intuitive material editor tools
Integrated interactive node-graph schematic view
Export your material presets for a faster workflow
Material Modifiers
• Mix 2 Materials
• Select Front and Back
• Make Double Sided
• Blend 2 Materials
• Opaque to Translucent
• Layered Labels

Texture mapping support
Reflectance, transmittance and colorvalue controls
Bump mapping
Normal Mapping
Diffuse Mapping
Specular Mapping
UV mapping support
Add uvs to your 3D scenes
Planar, cylindrical, spherical uvs
Watermark support for pngs, jpgs, exrs, and hdrs
Transformation, positioning and blending controls Easy-to-use on and off switches
Raw High-Dynamic Range (HDR) 32-bit EXR format
JPEGs and portable network graphics (PNG)
Render images in the background as you continue to work in your scene.
Set resolution and time for bg rendering instances.
Receive notification when your bg renders are complete.
Support for simultaneous background rendering instances. Learn more.
2D Image
Gamma Control
Reinhard05 Control
Spline Control
Blooming Effect
Glare Effect
Vignetting Effect
Lagoa Drive
on the Cloud
File Management and Organization
• Organize and access your files with our powerful fully functional folder-based asset browser on the cloud
• Visually access your folder contents in list, icon, & preview viewing modes, with file information and activity panels
• Find files faster with our interactive search and tag features
• 100 % scalable. Unlimited storage possibility for you and your team. See pricing.

File Sharing and Collaboration

One click access to share your files and efficiently manage team member permissions.

Integrated Community Library

Access thousands of free assets to use in your scenes or for inspiration.

Task Manager Notification System

Manage and track asset tasks globally. Receive notice when your BG renders or massive files uploads are ready to go.

Lagoa Security

At Lagoa we understand your data’s is extremely important. That’s why we’ve designed the Lagoa platform to be safe, secure and reliable from the ground up. From physically secure data centers to Lagoa’s application level Authentication Layer we employ multiple layers of security and resiliency resulting in a platform you can trust. Read the Lagoa Security Model.

Process Level Security

Security group-based firewalls Regular security patches Regular backups for recovery 3rd party penetration testing

Architecture Security

All application and asset level access is secure by default and controlled by the Lagoa Authentication Layer.

Hybrid Multi-Tenant Architecture

256 bit encrypted channel for all transmissions with industry standard SSH encryption for inter-server communication.


Lagoa uses Amazon’s S3 service as a highly durable storage data store for mission-critical and primary data storage.


Our privacy policy is designed to safeguard the collection, use, and disclosure of your data. Read our privacy policy.


SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS 70 Type II), SOC 2, ISO 27001, ITAR, FIPS 140-2

Sharing &
Working together on Lagoa

Lagoa is optimized for team work at every stage of the production process. Whether you are simultaneously editing a 3D scene with team members, or sharing assets with clients or colleagues for input or approval, Lagoa helps you iterate and communicate your designs faster.

File Sharing on the Cloud

Grant team member access to your files and folders. Re-share quickly via permalinks.

Guest Access

Grant anyone guest access to co-edit your 3D scene. (24 hour access limit. No account required for guest access).

Multi-User Real-time Scene Editing

Co-edit your 3D scenes in real-time with your team members. Assign view only, edit, or full permissions.

Folder and File Activity Views

>Stay up-to-date with your team’s work with folder and file activity views.

Share 3D Embeds

Configure and embed your 3D scene directly onto your website, or share a configured embed with a permalink.

Communication Tools

Communicate with your team using Lagoa chat and commenting features.